There are a number of services which we offer, and I am changing the formatting of this page to make it somewhat more relevant to how I want people to view it.  The initial formatting of this page was a flow of consciousness rather than looking at how things work.

Everything you see on this site is pretty much designed out of the idea that everything will change eventually, and getting the content up is more important than getting it right.

Services Offered

This is a list of the services that we offer.  This list will be changing.  As more information is added, links will be added.

The pages which have links already here have some content, but the content for those will also be updated.

  • Computer Services
    • Web Services
      • Website Development
      • Theme development
      • Website optimization
        • SEO
        • SMO
        • Speed optimization
      • eCommerce setup
    • Computer Support
    • Digital Photography Services
  • Photography
    • Digital Photography Services
    • Film Photography Services (seem to be largely phasing out)
    • Small Object Photography
    • Art Photography
  • Sales
    • Tea
    • Tea Supplies
    • Personal health products
  • Pet Care Services
    • Dog Walking
    • Dog Sitting
  • House Care Services
    • House Sitting (when there are pets involved preferably)
  • Design Services
    • Print Design (Graphic Design)
    • Web Design
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