Datse Multimedia General Terms

The overview of the terms referring to this site, and other sites is available at:

That will hopefully be kept up to date as to what has been changing at least in terms of the pages off of that.  This is something that will be evolving, but I’m keeping this as a basic version for now.

There also is a link to a quick version of a privacy policy up there.

The reason that we are creating this right now, is because of having setup PeerTube on this domain, and wanting something of a “code of conduct” type thing which would be updated as needed.

Our policy stated on Discord is:

  1. Be Nice
  2. Accept others may make mistakes

We have been trying to not make too many rules, because there are just too many instances where rules become a tool of oppression, by a formerly oppressed group.

Which doesn’t justify the continued oppression of groups, but it means that finding some middle ground is far preferable to “fixing all the oppression” type situations.