Content Terms

For content we have a moderation policy (which will be in development):

  • Appropriate Content Tags
    • Content which should have some warning should be tagged:
      • Not safe for work
      • Triggering
      • Type of content easily identifiable in advance
    • Where possible using tags alone which keep things marked, but clear:
      • Use of CW in Mastodon or otherwise
      • Use of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) if there isn’t a generic way beyond that to tag content
      • Use of tags as appropriate.
  • Honouring of intellectual property rights:
    • This is a bit tricky, as we are not in favour of current state of the law here, but believe in respect.
    • Material you don’t have the rights to, we will respect requests to remove.
    • Source material should be appropriately cited when possible.

That is a quick run down, and we may expand over time.