Content Terms

For content we have a moderation policy (which will be in development):

  • Appropriate Content Tags
    • Content which should have some warning should be tagged:
      • Not safe for work
      • Triggering
      • Type of content easily identifiable in advance
    • Where possible using tags alone which keep things marked, but clear:
      • Use of CW in Mastodon or otherwise
      • Use of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) if there isn’t a generic way beyond that to tag content
      • Use of tags as appropriate.
  • Honouring of intellectual property rights:
    • This is a bit tricky, as we are not in favour of current state of the law here, but believe in respect.
    • Material you don’t have the rights to, we will respect requests to remove.
    • Source material should be appropriately cited when possible.

That is a quick run down, and we may expand over time.

Quick update, didn’t think this was here, but I think that the following does need to be added (and may override what is up above):

It has come to our attention that we need to come up with something more precise about content which we host, especially content we host which is produced by other people, and not posted by ourselves:

  • Unless otherwise noted, all content posted will be licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license (CC-BY-SA).
  • Content which is not owned by the person who is posting must be available to be re-licensed by both the poster, and Datse Multimedia Productions as CC-BY-SA.
  • Content which violates copyright will be removed on notice.
  • Content which discriminates against marginalized groups will be removed on site (no notice required, administrators will simply remove it).
  • Commercial content without a clear personal connection will be removed on site.  This is a personal site, and we won’t accept posting of advertising.

That is probably it in terms of the short rules we may feel the need to expand these rules over time, but currently they are the rules we have.