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Latest Update:

Here are a few of the things that have happened in the last month or so: Patreon Post about Amanda Palmer Updated Todo posts: Here Open Psychology Project Moving of this site Moving of Open Psychology Project “Last Month’s News” eBook initial thoughts Setup of Gofundme Campaign (and video and post about initial setup). Open […]

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Securing Server (Part 1 of ?)

There was a recent link posted to YCombinator Hacker News titled “My First 10 Minutes on a Server” (Link to article, link post is here).  With seeing that it reminded me that I have meant to start working on securing the web test server (which is currently not web accessible). There are some things  mentioned […]

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Repeated issues with recent updates to site…

I am having issues with a number of plugins, and possibly theme issues.  It may be related to a number of issues which are “local” to the computer, as a lot of them are display issues. Unfortunately, if it is related to local stuff, it seems like either Chrome has stopped supporting certain things, or these issues […]

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