Just trying to setup some options for how to support Datse Multimedia and the people who are involved (currently just myself, but to some extent it also includes the creators who we support on various platforms (mainly Patreon, or directly)).

First off there is the crowdfunding here.  That is good for us.  Not sure if it’s working correctly right now.

We used to be on Patreon, but finally decided that after the way that they have treated the creators (especially smaller creators) that we’re just going to support people there, but would prefer to support them on one of the platforms which seem to be more genuinely creator focused.

I am on KoFi.  Here you can support me one time, or subscribe to a monthly update.  This may be our main platform outside of something which I currently am using.  I don’t remember upgrading to “gold” on there, but I do seem to have that, and I have set some stuff up which is “Gold” level so I might have decided to do that.

You can also support us on LiberaPay.

What This Supports:

This supports a number of different things:

  • Hosting
  • Software Support
  • Creator Support
  • Employee Support
  • Owner Support

These are more or less listed in the order which the money will be allocated.


We are currently paying about $100/month for the hosting we are using.  That provides several different sites, an our email.

For the domains we have registered this is about $25/month though each domain is paid for a year or more at a time.  So the first about $125/month is going towards hosting.

Software Support

Currently our “work” has 10 different applications in it, and there are probably some which should go there.  We would say that $5.00/month for most of the creators of this software is a good amount to pay for the software.  Though there are some nice small things like the TeeWee editor, and Laidout which probably aren’t that big on a monthly basis, as even though they provide some pretty key features, they are related to a part of workflow that we either don’t like the other tools, or that we don’t have any kind of reliable tool for.  So I would say that the next $50.00 would go to that.

Creator Support

There is about $125 which is going towards creators that isn’t really part of the software support on Patreon.  Some of that might move to some place else.

Employee/Owner Support

The rest goes to hiring employees (though it could take a bit to get to that point, as I want to either have some project I can afford to hire someone with, or be able to afford to hire a person on an ongoing basis for a longer term), and supporting myself.  I may have to put money towards supporting myself earlier than I want, as we might end up not being able to hire someone, or save money to do so in the future without losing benefits.  Which we’re currently relying on (and hope to get off of).