We are working on a number of sites, and have worked on a number of sites in the past.  For the most part sites that are not being worked on, are pretty much inactive (ie. they have nothing that is working for them).  I can think of one site which we are not working on, which is still active, so it is here.

Sites in development

This is a list of the sites which are in some phase of current development.  I do not really know how I am formatting this list.  I am just listing the sites which I am working on.  I will have links to a page here about what is going on with that site.  I will put a link to the site itself either here, or in that page about the site.

Currently this is just a list of the sites themselves.

  • Datse Multimedia Productions (This is actually this site)
  • Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku (My personal site)
  • Anofnog and Other Magical Creatures (A site I have created as a “fun” site)
  • MindFreedom Nelson (Site for a group I am very involved with)
  • TR By Hand (Site of an artist who has been a very good client for me)
  • DMP Develop (This is a site where I am developing stuff pretty much from scratch)

That is the current list.  As I start to write pages about these sites, there will be links for these sites with the information on those pages.

Sites we have worked on in the past

Only one site I worked on, and am not currently, is still up and running.

  • Nelson Community Acupuncture (Worked on, and transferred to client’s control)

I am not really sure how I am going to handle what I say about this site.  I do not know what the current status of the site is, and really am unlikely to be able to find more about that, beyond what is publicly available on the site itself.