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Request a tarot reading.  These may not always be available.

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We do tarot readings for ourself mostly, but occasionally for other people.

We’ve decided to open up a shop item to do our tarot readings.

Our latest reading (at creating this) was on what to do divination.

Here are the pictures from the reading:

The Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread

This is a typical spread for us.  We can do other spreads.  This is just what we typically end up with.

It starts with a single card, and then there are 3 more cards drawn to provide some clarification.

First Card – Overview

Card 1 - Creator of Tomes

Tarot Card – Creator of Tomes

This was our first card.  This is the sort of, “overview” card that we draw to give a quick reading of what we are looking at.

In this case, the first card was the Creator of Tomes.

It ended up sort of being:

Hard work pays off.

I think that maybe that is what got us from, “what to do with new deck” to, “let’s offer tarot readings.

Second Card – First Clarifier

Card 2 - Nine of Bells (Reversed)

Tarot Card – Nine of Bells (Reversed)This was our second card that we drew.  This is the first of three, “clarification” cards.

Nine of Bells (Reversed), oh, good a reversed card, that usually indicates obstacles…

Sorrow and Pain Intensifies

This was not a good thing, upright it indicates that is to lead to growth, but reversed, it means that the growth that can come from it is being resisted.

At least that’s a very quick interpretation (see post which we linked to for more on any of this).

Third Card – Second Clarifier

Card 3 - Five of Candles

Tarot Card – Five of Candles

The Five of Candles was our second clarifier.

Anger and chaos turned towards relationships

That is a very brief explanation, and how the anger and chaos ends up getting turned to our relationships.

Fourth Card – Third Clarifier

Card 4 - Eight of Tomes

Tarot Card – Eight of Tomes

The Eight of Tomes was our third clarifier, and final card of this drawing.

We’ve become masters of our craft

In this case, it seems that it is masters of the craft of divination.  So we are going forward with this.


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