Actually Tip Us

Please tip us.  This helps us keep things up and running.  As I am writing this, I am estimating $200/month covers our costs, but I would have to look closer to be sure.



I need to put a bit together about what our expenses are:

  • Hosting:
    • 7 $5.00 instances
    • 1 $10.00 instance
    • 1 ~$10.00 instance
  • Node Balancer:
    • 1 instance, $10.00
  • Domain Names:
    • 4 Active at ~$1.00 each
    • 5 Not in active use at ~$1.00 each
  • WordPress Spam Protection: $50.00

Total: $125 (roughly)

In addition, there are other costs which I am failing to think of.

Those are mostly USD figures, so as I’m in Canada, and deal with stuff in CAD, how I see them adding up in my accounts right now is at about 1.3 or so times that.  As I am writing this says 1.33 CAD to 1.00 USD.  If I end up getting $200 CAD/month that will cover the costs that are happening right now.


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