This is a quick page getting setup to link to stuff that I am writing about Electronics.  I have recently been thinking about doing some stuff with this.

A friend mentioned a project that I thought, “Arduino would be good for that I think” and started to do a bit of research about how to do that, and in the end (because I’d like to have a better idea of it would work) I decided to buy some stuff with that, and got myself a couple of items from the Arduino Store (I’ll be doing it differently for myself next time, due to international shipping issues), which were the Arduino Starter Kit, and the Adafruit Wave shield for Arduino.

So, let’s look at where I plan on going with this stuff…

Current Information

I am putting links here for things I have done.

As I write them, they will go as blog posts, and as I get the stuff more together, and look at old stuff again, I will probably put them as pages (it’s how WordPress calls things, and I kind of like their language).

Arduino Information

Here is what I have written so far about Arduino stuff.  More will come (I hope to have at least one electronics thing every week though I know it might not happen, and currently it will mostly focus on Arduino):

  • Blog Posts
    • Arduino Setup
      • Poorly written story about what I went through.  Well hidden stuff about “watch out for this” is there.

Future Topics

I am looking at some projects which will involve the Arduino (I need some sort of the processing or something which the Arduino will provide) and some projects which I think will not be benefited by the Arduino, so I will keep those as General.

Arduino Topics

These will involve the Arduino, though some of the things which will be talked about here, may be able to be handled without using the Arduino, as they are in the project book in the Arduino, and likely will be using the Arduino, but similar or maybe even identical projects could be done without it.

  • Arduino Purchase Decision (it’s where the story starts, but likely not where I will start)
  • First Setup of the Arduino
    • Hardware Setup (may be part of the same thing, but this is a different subject than setting the computer stuff up)
    • Computer Setup
  • Arduino Project Book
    • Not going to say anything, just going to go through the (I think) 16 projects in the book, and share my experience
  • Desired Projects
    • Setting up Adafruit Wave
    • Weather Station
    • LED Lighting
    • Solar power handling (this may be not Arduino)
    • 3D Printer

Non-Arduino Topics

There are a number (I can only think of one now) topics that I will want to work on which are really quite simple, and an Arduino (or other microcontroller) will at best “only add cost” and likely will get in the way.  So those will go here, well when done, they’ll go “up there” but my “to-do list” for those will go here.

  • Microphone Preamp