We are working to create a number of educational resources.  We are looking at both full courses (6-15 weeks of at least 1 hour “content” per week) as well as resources related to our research activities, which would end up being “single presentations” of between 15 minutes and 3 hours of presented content for each of these.

A lot of these will probably fall under the Open Psychology Project/MindFreedom Nelson resources.  While there has been some interest in information about the web development, and other “multimedia” type things, the interest shown there has not been as great as that shown for looking at MindFreedom Nelson, and Open Psychology Project stuff.

Perhaps that is a lot to do with the fact that what I have to say on the “mental” stuff is a lot harder to find than what I have to say on the “computer” stuff.  I’m better at doing the computer stuff than talking about it.  Which I am very happy to continue doing.

The current “in work” piece for this will be a neurodiveristy course of at least 8 weeks.  The current timeline for the presentation of that course is that it likely will happen around September 2016.  Please feel free to contact us through either the form (below) or our contact page (similar form included there).