Contact Us


There are a number of ways that you can contact us:

  • Mastodon
  • PeerTube
  • Vimeo
  • Pixelfed
  • Matrix
  • Discord (possibly going away)
  • Websites
    • Datse Multimedia
    • Jigme Datse
    • Open Psychology Project
    • Psychology Open stuff


I am mostly at these days.

Another instance which I check out from time to time is

We also have or which is an instance we are running.

I have looked several times at setting an Instance of Mastodon, but I’ve never looked beyond the documentation I found, and feeling that I wasn’t up to wading through that to try to get it to work for me.


I run my own instance of PeerTube where I post a lot of my videos which I think also is where some of this will be going.

This is a self hosted video hosting platform. I hope that I will have a bit better performance there before too long, though I think most of what I personally can do about it right now is currently being done.

I also have other accounts on other PeerTube instances, this can be helpful if you are viewing directly on an instance, you can comment right there. I don’t believe there is a way that a link can be shared that will allow you to open it in your own instance.


I have been using Vimeo for a little while. I don’t have a lot of videos up there right now, but I do have a couple. I expect that the videos I will be producing here will also end up there.

Right now, I have nothing up there (but if you are reading this, chances are I have posted this there). I have been on looking at the games that other people have been creating, and looking to add new content there myself.

I expect that this will be the first thing in there that I actually post. I have another couple of projects I want to put there as well, but I don’t think I can publish them the way I am planning on publishing this.


Over on I have been posting some of my photographs.

Like other projects, I have considered that I would at some time setup my own instance. I don’t know when that will happen, and how quickly. I haven’t even looked at what I would need to do for that.


Matrix is a place where I do have my own instance, as well as accounts on other instances (I think only on

My two main addresses are:


There are a lot of different ways that I might decide to link to those addresses, so I will be leaving them unlinked for now, and then linking perhaps multiple ways later.


Discord is a bit iffy at this point but my Discord Server is open. If you do get there, you may have to wait a bit before being able to write anything.

Check out our rules and announcements, and see what might be your interest there.

I’m not really happy with some of the things that are going on with Discord, but I’m not sure I’m unhapy enough about it to decide to drop it right now.


I have a number of websites, and they kind of take different approaches to various things I am doing. I think I’ll just talk about them individually.

Datse Multimedia

The Datse Multimedia site is where I talk about the “multimedia” stuff that I do. Basically the “computer creation” side of things.

With regard to that, I think it would be a “development log” that would show up there. Also possibly some other things might be of interest there.

Jigme Datse

My Jigme Datse site was created as a bare bones site that I would have stuff about what I was doing with Patreon, and specifically the streaming I was doing on Picarto (and mostly stopped doing).

I have since decided that a lot of what I had hoped for the site (being really basic and just quick stuff) wasn’t what was really happening there, because the quick basic stuff I was intending to put there, just wasn’t ending up there at all, and more “personal and in process” stuff would go there so people could look.

So, now it is more just personal stuff, and some stuff I have been doing as, “I am thinking about this.”

I think part of this project is likely to go there. At least until it ends up taking up a site for the project as a whole.

Open Psychology Project

For now, I think the core content that isn’t elsewhere (videos will be elsewhere, and the “game” file as well) will be going on the Open Psychology Project site.

This does not feel like an ideal location, but it feels like the best current option I have for it.

Psychology Open stuff

There were a few different things with the Open Psychology Project that needed to be put “elsewhere” and I’d picked up a related domain, which I decided to create the Psychology Open site.

The one main thing that I host there is Riot, which connects to the Open Psychology Matrix, and some information about that.