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Switching servers *now*

This post might not actually successfully post.  Right now…  I have set the server up to be moved…  But…  It might happen before this has been posted.

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Gentoo QEMU/KVM install

I am currently working through the Gentoo QEMU guide and so far have rebuilt my kernel and rebooted…  Now… I am currently updating my @world with the command: emerge -uv –newusue @world And this latest update has 10 packages. Still not emerged quemu and am seeing a couple of use flags I’d like to enable before […]

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Developing ebuild for Gentoo

I am currently working on the development team for the accounting package LedgerSMB and I have got to a stage with that development that I am looking at getting a working ebuild (or possibly several, due to dependency issues) for LedgerSMB on gentoo. These are the steps that are probably going to have to be done […]

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Shutting down site…

I know this site just got created, but it is costing over $300.00/month for running sites we run, and we have zero revenue from them, and total business revenue is less than half what it costs to run these sites.  They need to be shut down or I need to find more income for the […]

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Server issues

I am just about to try to come up with a plan for how to deal with the issues that this server is having. Currently this server is running 5 different sites.  Well, depending on how you look at it, it could be more.  What is happening is that I have a number of sites, across […]

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Minor Graphic Design Work

I did a little job (which we really feel needs another related job “attached” to it) today for Tricia Rasku of TR By Hand it was just for the latest batch of vinegars that she makes regularly. I really can’t say all that much about the labels that I ended up with, but I can talk […]

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Datse Multimedia Theme and WooCommerce

I have been looking at the site a bit more.  Last night I noticed that the theme, and the Shop page are broken… The sidebar on the Shop page ends up being pushed down towards the bottom of the page, rather than lining up with the top of the content. This is not how I want […]

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More work on the site

I have been working on the site some more.  I don’t really remember where I left it last time.  That’s OK. Looking at previous post a lot of change of direction has happened. So where am I at now: Basic WooCommerce setup *seems* to have been done. Basic setup of Sprout Invoices *seems* to be […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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