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New Topics?

Thinking of some new topics.  I will post a new “new topics” page each time I come up with some new ideas of what to write about: Previously considered topics: Adobe CS4 on El Capitan (still need to figure this out) Technical perspective on Activism stuff Sound working on new computer (got it working rather […]

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Initial steps moving server to linode

Last night I started to work on getting this site moved over to linode, and have some comments to make regarding: pricing structure responsiveness of admin site responsiveness of updating server images server locations image availability process with regards to gentoo on linode So let’s go and look at those topics at least at some level. […]

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Some updates about our activities…

This is a quick post about what has been going on here. Site downtime One site moved Expiring SSL certificate Need to move two other sites Possibly moving another site Site downtime A bit of bad news first.  Two of the sites we host (the two which need to be moved still) went down for 4 […]

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Moving Servers

My hosting provider sent an email which let me know that they are shutting down this datacentre, and that I will have to move the servers to another datacentre. Currently there are 3 servers which I am running out of the datacentre which they are talking about closing, this one, the “dmp-develop” server, and the […]

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Securing Server (Part 1 of ?)

There was a recent link posted to YCombinator Hacker News titled “My First 10 Minutes on a Server” (Link to article, link post is here).  With seeing that it reminded me that I have meant to start working on securing the web test server (which is currently not web accessible). There are some things  mentioned […]

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Update on the changes to sites.

A little while ago, I said I would be taking all my sites down. Currently that is not the case.  I will be trying to keep the two sites I had on “sound servers” for them up.  They were not costing much individually, and combined the way they were they were pretty much entirely impossible […]

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Performance improvements

I was working on setting up the site for the Open Psychology Project and noticed that I was having some issues with it.  First I noticed that the site was actually not responding in a reasonable matter.  Everything was very painful to work with.  So I looked at what might have been the issue: I looked […]

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Upgraded WordPress (and a few plugins/themes).

We just logged in after possibly a few days away and noticed a “large” number of updates available.  There were 4 of them available, which is pretty unusual if we have not been away for a “long” time. The thing is, one of those updates was to WordPress itself.  Which probably is part of the […]

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Moving MindFreedom Nelson Site

Tonight there was a brief, very informal meeting of MindFreedom Nelson, and it was determined that this really should be the start of talking about things which we are doing.  While I can talk about them here, I feel that with the existing MFN site, that we really should be using that as much as possible. […]

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Open Psychology Project – About Page

Yesterday I wanted to take a stab at updating the Open Psychology Project About Page.  I can’t really say just how much things have improved.  I think in a lot of ways it has improved quite a lot.  It was very simple, and not really any information about what we are doing. Now it is […]

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