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These posts are the research related posts which we have written.  They can cover a number of topics.  We have not created any sub-categories to this because we really have not felt the need to.

There are posts in the Open Psychology Project, as well it may seem in the future (when you might be reading this) for Technical Support type posts as well.

The Onion Router (TOR)

I was asked about whether someone should be using The Onion Router (TOR) and I thought I would answer this as best I can here.  So let’s look at the 5Ws+H that I might ask about TOR. What? What is TOR?  Who? Who created TOR? Who is running TOR? Who needs to use TOR? Do […]

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What Autism Spectrum Features are relevant to ask about?

Asperger's Disorder - Diagnostic Critera

I was not really planning on writing anything about any of these research questions now. But I think I wanted to look at this one piece of information that I did receive over the last few hours. I received this photograph of a page from one of the MindFreedom Nelson members. DSM-IV – Asperger’s Disorder […]

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