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Podcast Episode 01 – Setting up Podcast (Part 1)

I talk about setting up this podcast, which is our first podcast.  I have saved this as a number of different formats, but will only be “podcasting” the MP3 file.  All file types will be available on the Blog Post at I will also be adding my script that I worked from (but really has […]

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Autism Jobs development

About 3 months ago I decided (after reading something I saw on YCombinator’s Hacker News) that I’d take a look at creating a site for Autism Jobs. The first step in doing that was really deciding just what I wanted to do.  The Hacker News piece was helpful in giving me some guides as to […]

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Autism Jobs Site Creation

Yesterday I quickly read through a post on Hacker News about creating a site for jobs for older people in the tech industry.  I thought a little bit about it, and thought that maybe someone could do the same for Autistics (and other neurodivergent people possibly) so I put it on the back burner because well […]

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Adobe CS4 Install on OSX El Capitan

I was talking to one of my clients, and they were talking about my doing some design work.  This ended up causing panic for me, as I had just done a clean install on this computer which really is my main computer, and the last time I tried to install Adobe CS4 on a version […]

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Making candles today

I know that apparently what we do here is computer type stuff.  At least that is what this site seems to indicate it is.  But today we were busy making candles. At first I was just going to make the ones that I would get from the wax that had been prepared, but needed to be […]

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