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Looking into podcasting

A friend of mine asked me to look into podcasting and what would be involved in getting that to work.  This will be a quick post, which is part of testing things out.  As I currently understand you can pretty much run a podcast with WordPress without any extra plugins or anything.  This post will […]

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Upgraded WordPress (and a few plugins/themes).

We just logged in after possibly a few days away and noticed a “large” number of updates available.  There were 4 of them available, which is pretty unusual if we have not been away for a “long” time. The thing is, one of those updates was to WordPress itself.  Which probably is part of the […]

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Site Moved

We have moved this site (Datse Multimedia Productions) to a new server.  From what we can tell, things are working correctly.  There was one plugin which we were having issues with because we decided that we really do not want to disable the redirect from the “insecure” http: site, to the “secure” https: site.  And […]

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Updates today

There are a number of things which I have done today: Looked at the issue with how the Shop Page from WooCommerce was displaying. I had seen that the code which seemed to be causing the problem for that page, was in my Child Theme, and was the code which was used to enable WooCommerce […]

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Sprout Invoices issue

I have no idea why this issue may have shown up.  Sprout Invoices, which to my knowledge has no ability to extend WooCommerce, was causing issues that WooCommerce <select> form elements to not display.  This is an issue which is baffling me.  Itmay have also been causing other transient issues with other settings, but they were […]

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Working on setting up this new site.

We have been working on setting up this new site.  We should be able to get it up and running in a little while. I do not know how much time has gone into getting this going. There are a few things that I have done so far: Decided that I will work with some […]

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