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Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku

Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku is the lead developer and owner of Datse Multimedia Productions.

PeerTube Update

We setup a PeerTube instance a few weeks ago (I think darn close to a full month ago), yes as per the PeerTube instance up, post it is exactly 1 month ago.  Since then, I discovered that we had to move this site, but I haven’t moved it yet.  I am currently in the process […]

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Moving this site…

It’s not a major move, well it shouldn’t be.  There are certain things which we need to update here to get this to work how we want, and as some of those updates are fairly big, and involved, and the last time I tried to do such updates on Ubuntu (the Linux distribution this is […]

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PeerTube instance up.

The PeerTube instance is up.  It took a bit of fiddling.  There seems to be some stuff that isn’t working with it. Most of what I’m seeing, is stuff which is probably, “just being impatient”.  There is one thing which I think is something not quite sure what to do with, but…  I guess I’ll […]

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Creating PeerTube instance again…

The PeerTube instance we used to have, I decided to remove.  I kept running into problems with having to run maintenance on it which was getting troublesome, and I actually think I had found a solution to that after I had decided that it was a getting to be too much of a pain. We […]

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Working on an advocacy project…

I have for the past little while been officially working on an advocacy project, and starting I think yesterday (Thursday) we started to talk about the logo for the project. I don’t really feel that I can share that right now, as it’s not been approved yet, but in working on that project, I went […]

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Technical Difficulties… And figuring them out…

A week ago (I think) I decided that I was going to quit using Patreon as a creator, as I’ve been with them for quite a long time as a creator.  In fact I think fairly soon after they initially launched, I created an account.  I know that it was because some artist I knew […]

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Recording Meditation Session

Earlier today I recorded a meditation session, and I did some minor editing in Audacity. I mostly felt that I wanted to do a session, and record it so I could know a bit about how long I am doing that, and use it as a means of recording the length of my sessions doing […]

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Some Matcha Photos

I hadn’t really meant to post these here right now.  But PixelFed seems to behave differently than I want, so let’s toss them here… I was back from going downtown and I wanted to have some reference photos to draw matcha, so I tried to find some that I had, and these are the ones […]

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Documenting your Project

One of the creators I support on Patreon, wrote a post about how it is hard to write documentation.  And I have to agree, it is often the worst part with any project that I’ve had to deal with. There are a few different parts that I think a lot of people fail to understand […]

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Why not to use the Block/Gutenberg editor.

Orriginally this was a comment on the Yoast Post about Why to Use the Block Editor, but their comment form doesn’t tell you how long they can be, doesn’t tell you how long it is, so this will be the extent of the comment I will leave, with what will be a, “you need to […]

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