Pet Care Services (depricated)

I have done some pet care in the past.  I usually really enjoy it.  Even if there are some real challenges with the animals, I usually find a way that I can work with them.  So what services will I be doing?

  • Dog walking
    • Sometimes I find it difficult to do something like this daily for an undetermined length of time.  While I like to  do this, often when working with other people, I have difficulty pushing through those days where walking from the bedroom to the bathroom is really difficult.  I will try to make sure that things do work out though.
  • Dog sitting
    • When a person will be away, I will be able to make sure that your dog or dogs will be cared for.  I have found that with pet sitting, I usually find a way to do it, as long as I am able to start, and am sure that I can communicate with the person on a regular basis while they are away.

I have found that my allergies to cats has meant that I will not do any care for cats.  The last time I did any cat care, I ended up taking almost a year to recover from it as for whatever reason the allergic reaction which got triggered, didn’t clear up for that long.