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Just some updates as to what we’re up to…

OK, that was weird, but then WordPress is a bit like that… Just trying to start this off…  I tried to do some keyboard stuff, and pressed enter at the end of the topic…  And it tried to publish it, but “failed” because there was no body. That’s pretty annoying, though I don’t really mind […]

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Removing “subscribers”…

These are mostly (if not all) people who have simply created an account, and I have had no interaction with.  I think a lot of this (possibly all of it) is people who are probably well in the “bot, spammer, scammer” type category.  I can’t confirm really even individual accounts beyond the fact that they […]

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PeerTube Update

We setup a PeerTube instance a few weeks ago (I think darn close to a full month ago), yes as per the PeerTube instance up, post it is exactly 1 month ago.  Since then, I discovered that we had to move this site, but I haven’t moved it yet.  I am currently in the process […]

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