Why not to use the Block/Gutenberg editor.

Orriginally this was a comment on the Yoast Post about Why to Use the Block Editor, but their comment form doesn’t tell you how long they can be, doesn’t tell you how long it is, so this will be the extent of the comment I will leave, with what will be a, “you need to save people from wasting time by saying *afterwords* that a comment is too long, with no indication of how long, “short enough” is.”

Your, “this is better” reads a lot like, “use this because it has all the shiny bells and whistles.” Maybe I’m missing something in my reading.

I do *not* use a plugin to put tables in while I’m using the “classic editor”. But apparently what I’m doing (by your writing) is simply not possible.

I won’t say that it is *easy* but there’s a big difference between, “not easy” and “not possible”.

A big problem with the development of WordPress has been that it ended up doing *too much* and part of how that got addressed was to provide the theme, and plugin functionality.

Your argument *for* the block editor is that it will eliminate the need for plugins and themes. This feels like a reasonable argument for saying maybe people should simply be moving away from WordPress.

Many of my clients have limited resources, and WordPress simply will not run on a low resource VPS successfully (possibly not even at all without doing stuff like massive amounts of swapping, but certainly poorly). It’s not as resource heavy as Mastodon, Matrix, or PeerTube, but it seems that it is moving more and more into higher resources, rather than lower.

When speaking of SEO, one of the *biggest* factors (according to Google, but apparently not according to you) is the speed at which you can provide content. WordPress needs large resources to compare in speed to a well developed system focused on what a client needs, rather than providing “everything you might want”.

I have replaced, “easy solutions” like Typeform, with *poor* quality code, and had performance improvements of 30-100 times faster to do the same thing. And the “block editor” feels very much like something like this on at least another order of magnitude performance hit.

This also is a thing which is pretty much why we are *hoping* to move away from WordPress for future sites entirely.

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