Our thoughts on Mastodon

Mastodon really seemed like a great thing, that the creator (Eugen) was maybe a little unaware of implications and all of that, but really did seem to have a good sense of what the “right” thing to do probably is as far as social media is concerned.

I’m not sure that he has a good understanding at all.  I sure hope that he does not, because despite the efforts of many to find better ways to handle a lot of the problems that exist with it, for quite some time (I think I’ve been watching for about 18 months, and by watching, been actively involved on the platform).

Anyway, he likes to say that it is, “Twitter, with longer posts and no Nazis.”

Is it?

Twitter like?

Yes, very much so, for one thing, a big part of what makes twitter, twitter is that the posts are relatively short.  The started out at 140 characters, and I believe that right from the beginning people complained that they didn’t really work that well for them.

140 characters is really short, and it takes really condensing something a lot to get it down to that.  A lot of what I enjoyed when it was at that length, was to find ways to make those 140 characters really work.

So it does have short posts, but they are longer, they are 500 characters by default (well limit), and while it can be changed, it’s not really that easy to do so.

Even at 500 characters a lot of what makes Twitter the space it is, kind of still exists.  You can express a lot more in 500 characters, than 140.  Well, sort of.  I don’t really think that for the most part you can…

Longer Posts

This is an indication that it is, “better” and yeah, I kind of like the longer posts better, but…  Um…  Yeah, are you really expressing stuff better in that 3.6 times the space?  I don’t think it makes a whole lot of difference really.  For the most part, it is expressing the same stuff, with more words, and somewhat more chance to be misunderstood.

The *idea* of what can be expressed is basically not that much different.  You can basically express one idea.  And the idea most people interpret things as, is, “only one idea” and means that any kind of subtlety easily gets lost.

No Nazis

Well, here we very much differ.  There *are* nazis.  In fact, there have been a lot of migrations from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, etcetera, because of crack downs on certain types of things, including far right attitudes.

There are whole instances which exist which are created *to* promote far right attitudes.  And honestly, the tools we have to handle that are probably *worse* than what Twitter does, because of the nature of it.

So…  How does this really mean that Mastodon really is?

Mastodon Feel?

Well here’s the thing, there are basically three different types of people that can “find a space” on Mastodon, the people who have a small community and want to stay within it.  And those who want to move across communities, who have no interest in speaking between those communities.  And those who want to move across communities, and have a tough skin.

If you dare say anything where you don’t *agree* with what’s being said, you are very much saying the exact opposite of what the person is saying.

There is no sense of anything other than echo chambers there.

There *are* places where people get along decently.  But a big thing is, that a lot of the conflict runs between and through the whole space.  The idea that you, “should” call out people who are not your extreme view, honestly…  It’s the way things are.  Anyone I’ve seen who have tried to be decent and find ways to fix the extreme polarization either just giving up on saying anything except meaningless stuff, and responding to the people who haven’t given up yet…  Or they end up leaving.

It’s only gotten worse there…  And we have officially left, though I don’t believe we are totally gone yet.  And of course, a big problem is, “it’s there forever”…

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