The Myth of Data Security

There are people who have talked to me recently about, “it is scary what you can do with data” and I have stated that by deleting their messages after 7 days protects them.

This is at best misguided, and I’m not saying much about the people who are publicly making such statements as part of journalism, because I don’t believe they are saying what they don’t believe, or at least don’t believe well enough to make it worth saying.

Here is what someone who claims to know about the risk of what can “be done with data” will know that any of the following things will cause it to be indexed:

  • Being opened on any of these devices:
    • Apple
    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • SuperMicro
    • Huawei
  • Being posted publicly
  • Being shared publicly after having been posted privately

Based on this information, it seems that there simply isn’t likely that the “data” portion is protected.  The being posted publicly, or being shared publicly after having been shared privately means not only is it indexed, but it is also being archived (often publicly).

This information which I think is pretty clear to say that you can’t protect your data (end to end cryptography is the best that you can achieve, but I’d question whether it isn’t at least indexed in the vast majority of cases (ie. it gets indexed by Apple, Google, Microsoft, SuperMicro, or Huawei) is practically impossible, though there is a possibility it wouldn’t be indexed by all of these companies, but the chances it’s not indexed by at least one of them are practically impossible.

So, tech journalists who are talking about whether or not doing certain things would be helpful, sure, they believe that, but either because they aren’t really talking about the risks of the “data” but the risk that a human will find it, and act on it, or they are really just hoping that simply reducing the active access can reduce those risks.

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