Mastodon Setup further updates…

I haven’t seen a whole lot of improvement today, but I did see that I ended up with some toots coming in which are closer to when things were happening on the system, but it seems that for the most part this really isn’t working all that well.  It’s OK.  I’m kind of getting frustrated, but I guess I can live with how things are for now.

One thing, someone was talking about it on one of the other mastodon instances, and I saw that I just am looking “very generic” and I didn’t really like that so I did a quick bit of work to try to get something together that looks at least different, even if it’s not really all that fancy…

"Mastodon on Open Psychology" with a simple background with green hills and clouds

This is the “thumbnail” which I created for the mastodon instance.

It certainly isn’t generic, so I think that’s a big plus.  But it’s also not all that nice.  I mean I do like what I ended up with, considering the amount of effort that I put into it, but it’s still not something that I’d say should be sitting around for long like this.

I did think that I liked the way it turned out when I took the text off so I also created a version like that:

green hills with clouds

This is what it looks like when I take the text off.

I actually think this ended up turning out not too badly at all.  The nice thing with working in a digital format is that if I do the layers thing correctly, I can usually get stuff to look fairly decent because I don’t have to worry about how each element works with the rest, until I start to get to that level of work with it…

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