Mastodon Setup – More information

Last night (about 23 hours ago apparently) I shared about setting up a Mastodon instance, and that things were kind of working but not really.

I shared that is open for registrations, and that people would be able to sign up there (at least for the time being).

And I hoped that people signing up, would help with getting things worked out.


No one has signed up, and so far I don’t seem to have much improvement…

But on the good news front, I decided to fix (or at least look at) the IPv6 setup, and maybe that has improved stuff.  The setup was clearly broken.

Which probably means that it’s broken here too.

I’m not quite sure that it’s “fixed” there, but at least I can connect out, and I had been able to connect in a way that actually was seeing connections.

But I’m not entirely sure that the problem there has actually been fixed.

Some good news.  I’ve had a couple new posts that look like they are from more recently than the previous most recent posts, but still…

They are still older than the oldest post on the server itself.

I checked to see if I could find any logs which might give me more information than what shows up in the Sidekiq log that I can get access to online.

I couldn’t find anything more.


Some of it is working…

It’s coming, and I’m hoping that the recurring jobs which haven’t been run yet, might actually help some of that, and that the plugging away at it might actually help too.

So, I don’t really know.

I think that adding a dozen or so follows seems to be helpful to some extent.

Still.  More people there *might* be a helpful thing.  And I’m still trying to figure out if anyone can help with any of this now or not.

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