Essential Oil Label Work

Today I have been working on doing some essential oil labels.  So far I’ve only really got one done:

label design for essential oils

Essential Oil Label – Lavender Essential Oil

This is pretty much what we have for the label, it’s not a lot to it, but I guess it’s just that it’s work which has been done.

I guess the thing about having done this, a lot of how this has kind of not been getting done, is because Inkscape has been giving me some serious problems on my computer for a while.  I had been trying to figure it out, and just had mostly given up.

Then my client was talking about how she would like to work and get the existing labels done differently, and update them, and be able to work with new oils and blends.

We started to talk about how I do things for the work I’d done in the past, and I started to set things up in Inkscape, and everything was going well, until I started to pan my page, because the page was off the screen, and it wouldn’t leave pan mode.

I found (and I’d like to see if anyone else has had this experience) after much poking and prodding, that there seems to be something with, “use pressure sensitive tablet” which causes this behaviour.  I don’t really have much idea what it is.  I got a tablet a while back, and was wanting to use it to do what I’d done for things like the Tongue Emoji that would “work out” and it just didn’t work out.

For stuff like that, I have started to work in Krita, and am really loving it (I have a clown that I’ve created), and I’ve not really been missing Inkscape as I’ve mostly not been using it, or what I’ve been using it for, hasn’t been having any problems.

So…  I am showing this, and it’s really not working well, and I just decide to install Inkscape on the iMac, because, well that just makes sense (right?).  Well, so far I haven’t got it so that it’s working, so, I’d say no…

Anyway…  I decided that I should be able to fix it, if I did a bit of research.  Oddly…  I really didn’t find anything that would work (maybe I wasn’t Ducking it right).

But I started to poke around, and saw the “use pressure sensitive tablet” setting, and was going, “that tablet has been a problem in Inkscape, so I might as well disable that” and then took the idea that it might fix things too.

And it did…

So, I think that I am pretty happy with that.  I’m working on trying to figure out how to render what the labels will look like in Blender.

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