30 Days of Multimedia — Day 2 — Do What You Can

I had a couple of ideas of which I’m not sure about.  Yesterday, I think there was a post about captioning, and I realized that there was something which I failed to say about this.  And that is do what you can.

There is a certain ideal that a person seeks when they are producing art of any sort (art being any form of creative project) and there are things which are important to go and try to do.

The thing about having those ideas is that sometimes what happens (as is currently happening to me) trying to achieve those ideals can prevent you from producing the work to begin with.

I know that I shared a podcast and felt that it wasn’t terrible to be an episode early in the production process, and we were looking for some feedback on it.

The problem I had with what the person said was basically, “this is way from what this company does who has done this for 10 years, over multiple different podcasts, and it should be way closer to what this podcast is.”

The problem, it was about the second episode I had ever recorded, and to have accomplished what he wanted I would have had to prepare for about 3 times as long as it took me to get that whole podcast out before even starting to record, then record it a few times, and then spend about 4 times as long editing it as I did.

And, due to a number of factors (this being one) I haven’t recorded another episode in any of my podcasts.

So, here I am trying to let people know that they should just produce, not let people tell you that you’re not doing a good enough job and thus you end up not doing it.

While I think that captioning and providing accessible content that is standards defined, is really important.  But there’s something people really need to remember about that.  Don’t focus so much on something that you forget to actually produce something.  If you don’t have the resources, then don’t quit because you can’t do it right, just do it.  And hopefully with time you’ll develop ways to be able to produce more work that is closer to what you really want, and you learn that now that you can do something more, that you can dream bigger…

Just a quick note.  And tomorrow, a little web development post…

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