30 Days of Multimedia — Day 1 — Video Captioning

Just diving in to some video captioning.  I know there are some steps that I want to figure out how to do, but currently I don’t have a solution for them.  Currently I host videos on 3 different platforms:

  • PeerTube
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

I have a means of getting captions to show up on YouTube, and I think the same way will work with PeerTube once I upgrade.  It looks like the releases aren’t up to the point I want to upgrade right now, but they should be (if I am not mistaken) by the time this post goes out.

Vimeo, I am not currently seeing any way to add captions to videos unless I burn in “open captions” which are captions which are put on the video itself.

So, trying to handle the captioning on all three platforms as it currently stands is going to be an individual process.  I was really hoping that I could do the captioning, put the captions in the video container, and then just have it work.  Unfortunately that doesn’t work on any of the platforms.

At least I haven’t found a way to make that work.

So, now I’m going to go to getting the captioning going.  I’m, recording this process so that I can do something with it when I am done the captioning.

First off, I am using Gaupol to do my captioning.  I’m sure there are better tools out there, but it does what I want well enough, and I’m getting used to the workflow.  So let’s get started.

OK, I’m not sure why, but the audio isn’t coming very loud, so I can’t hear myself, so first I need to dive into Kdenlive and see if I can fix that.

OK, it seems to be an issue on my end, or at least YouTube is loud enough, but Gaupol is not.  I may just have to drop in and do that at some other time.  Right now I’m re-rendering the video, and that will take some time.  So I’m going to pause with the stream, and probably pick it up again tomorrow.

I finally figured out what was going on.  Gaupol was playing through the monitor, and I was listening on the headphones.  Anyway.

I opened up Gaupol:

mostly blank application window

Gaupol starts with a blank screen, with little idea of what is going on.

This is a bit disorientating when you first open this up, or you open it up for a while, but then you start with a new file:

Application window with a table, with one line of data

Gaupol looks like maybe things will be workable after you create a new file.

This is starting to look like there may be something to do, but I’m working with a video file, and (I don’t talk about this) you can’t open the video file, until you have got here.  I keep trying to start from there, but it won’t work.  So let’s open the video file:

Application window with video, video controls, and table of data

Now we’re getting somewhere, this looks like what I hope things will look like when I’m captioning (or might look like).

So now we have what we need to work.  And the process is pretty slow for me (partially because I have to type things in, so I can’t type as fast as I speak) and partially because there are some finicky bits about how this all goes.

I recorded the sessions (I ended up splitting it up in two sessions as I had to go out for supper.  And those videos are about an hour each.  This is for a 5 minute video.  I’m getting better at going through this and doing it relatively quickly, but it takes time, and really ideally doing captions is best done by someone who is involved with what is said, because you are better at figuring out what was said than someone who doesn’t know.  (A friend offered to help with it, but said that he’d have trouble translating the audio to text due to auditory processing issues).

So, I’m going to jump to what I have for the actual caption file, and what it looks like in the end:

Application window, with video, and table of captions of the video

This is what this looks like in the end.

This is what the final captioning looks like.  I notice that I have left the captioning with a blank caption at the beginning, and this might not be ideal.  I haven’t had problems with this, and it might be something with how the files are handled, but that first blank caption ends before the next caption begins, and if there was content, this likely would be a problem, but with it being blank it seems like it has been working.

I’m leaving this here for now, but if you go to my PeerTube the videos of the actual captioning should be there.  It will be two videos which are each about 1 hour long.

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