Planning for September

I continue to think that for each “30 day month” to do a “30 Days of” project.  It seems to work fairly well for me, but I know I can’t keep things up much more than that.  In my experience of the way these things go, I can sometimes do up to about 3 days worth of these in a given day, but I can’t really do it every day.  I was a few days ahead last time that I was successful.  I did “30 Days of Autism Acceptance” in April, and I tried to do “30 Days of Science Thinking” in June, but for some reason that ended up not working out.

So for September I have been thinking of “30 Days of Multimedia” which will be stuff that has to do with the work that we are doing here.  I really was hoping that I could get something different going, and my initial thought was to do “30 Days of Web Development” but I’ve decided that is too tight of a topic to really be able to do.

I’m about to start up a stream on Picarto, for working on starting some thinking about what I will be doing for that.  I’m hoping to have ideas for at least 10 days by the end of today.  And I’m working on this at an “odd time”.

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