New Camera, and resultant stuffs…

Hey, um, ah…

I ordered a new camera body a while ago, and it came on Wednesday (it’s Friday).  I have been playing around with it, so I have been doing some test shooting, and I am doing a bit of a stuff with that.  So yesterday I shot over 200 pictures, and I did the sorting to get them handled.

With the camera I am now able to shoot video, and have done some test video shooting.  But, I’m not sure what will happen with that.  It’s not a “normal” thing for me, but I think that some of that could end up coming up.

In the past I have really wanted to do more video production stuff, and I have really been trying multiple different ways to manage to do that better, so I have to say that this seems to work quite well for me.

Now, there is the one thing that has come out of the ability to film, and post videos, I have setup a PeerTube instance (sign ups are available, but currently somewhat limited).  And am in the process of setting up a Mediagoblin instance, which will have our photographs on (once I have set this up).

It has been a while that I have been trying to get the Mediagoblin instance up, and it has been a bit of a trick to get it as far along as I have it setup.  So that’s not really up yet, and I hope that it is “soon” that it will take a while to get setup.

Right now I am going to import the photos I have taken so far today (probably today’s photos in entirety) and start to sort them, hopefully down to 40 or fewer photos.  I may even start to look at some editing of them if I get around to that.  But I think I’m going to consider looking at MediaGoblin to see if I can get it done, or at least get closer to it…

OK, um, yeah, I’m streaming on Picarto right now, and I’m recording, and will be posting it on the PeerTube when I get around to it.  I will probably be doing a bit of a post once I posted on PeerTube.

So, here this goes, and I’m going to start working on those photos.



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