Update and ideas…

I know that I haven’t posted a lot here recently.  I have been working over on the Open Psychology Project mostly on the topic of my “30 Days of Autism Acceptance” which I have been working on since a little bit before the beginning of April, and am still a bit behind.

In June, I plan on writing posts on “30 Days of Science Thinking” which I have the “introduction” written, and scheduled for May 17th.  Though there may be edits to it prior to getting to May 17th.

I have been thinking about writing 30 Days thing for every 30 day month.  Though I’m also thinking of adding February as “30 Days in February” type idea as well, as it just is too long from the end of November to the beginning of April.  And besides April is “always going to be” “Autism Acceptance Month”.

For September, I am thinking along the line of “30 Days of Web Development.”  Though that’s a way from now.

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