LedgerSMB install on Gentoo

A while ago, I started to look at installing ledgersmb on this new system (I already have it running on an older system, which I have been shutting down due to fan noise (perhaps more on that later when I find a solution)) and I was wanting to do a new install.

So, when I was doing that, I found out that there is now an official gentoo repository (hey, cool let’s install that, and see where that gets me).  So I installed it, hoping I could have an emerge ledgersmb or something work just like that.

I saw that was not an option for me.  And I stepped away from it for a while.

Today, I looked again, and there seems to be more packages included now, but I’m not sure, and still no package for ledgersmb itself.

So, I started to look at what we currently have, and this will probably be a bit easier (or at least “more proper”) than installing entirely manually, I am installing from the sourcecode which is on github.

There are some packages that I failed to find in portage at that time, but perhaps…  The problem was a matter of not knowing what I was looking for…  So far, it has come together, but not in a simple manner.  Maybe smoother than previously.

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