Picarto custom emoji

Today as part of my “Open Psychology” work stream, I ended up creating a custom emoji for Picarto, where I was streaming.  I have been in the process of setting things up there, and I was just playing around with some stuff.  So, I did a few different steps (that I can share).  I started by drawing a really simple drawing.

Big grinny line drawing of a face.

This is the photo of the sketch that I did to do a big grinning face for a custom emoji.

I thought that this was close enough to what I want, that I went with that image as my start. Then I went through a few different steps to get that to how I would like to start working with it:

Colour corrected smily face line drawing.

I did some colour correction to get it closer to the original colour.

Rotated smily face.

I rotated it, to get an image aligned the way that I think I probably want it.

Colour corrected, rotated, and cropped smily face

This was then cropped to get it with less extra space (especially with it rotated, it has some weird stuff showing up)

From there I was able to import that into Inkscape. And, let’s see what I still have hanging around to allow you to see my process…

Exported from Inkscape drawing of the grinning face.

Export from Inkscape. This is “really ugly” at this stage.

A lot of what I did in Inkscape I feel that I will want to do differently in the future. This is a very flat PNG, this doesn’t really work for editing in GIMP. But I imported the SVG, which worked much better, but still, it didn’t work the way that I would like as that got imported as a transparent raster graphic.

From there, I did a bunch of editing in GIMP to end up with this GIF file:

Gif of grinning face. Yellow face.

Final result of the editing. Gif file

This is what it ended up looking like before it went into Picatro, and it doesn’t look that bad. Well I don’t think it really looks all that bad…

I would like to in the future save more of the intermediate steps that I go through to produce these.  I like how files end up showing up when I am using digiKam as I can just “save version” as I am editing it.

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