Arduino Project – Simple LED

This was from the Arduino Project book I got, it’s not really much of a project as it’s mostly based on “assume nothing” type perspective.

Arduino and soderless breadboard mounted

Arduino Project starting spot.

When I start with a project I have the board setup something like this.  I am currently between projects (as I’m writing this) and have left the existing project setup.  This is how this ends up being setup from how The Arduino Starter Kit sets up your Arduino, and the working surface for it.

I took a fair number of pictures while I was working on this project, and most of them did not really work out that well.  I am not all that happy with this one even.

The project that I am writing about is only using the Arduino as a power supply (though in a way that is an important place to start with it).  So from this we connect the power to the breadboard.

pushbutton, LED, and "power leads"

Components used (missing some (I think) at least duplicate ones, and most wires) for the first project. Pushbutton, LED, and the “power leads”.

These are the components which I used for project.  Well, most of them.  There is a resister that gets used, and there is another pushbutton which is used.  Just a little bit of documenting some stuff.

From here I started to put things a bit together.  I attach the power leads (red and black cables).

Power connected to breadboard from Arduinio

Power connected between Arduino to breadboard.

This is a nice start for the project.  Connected from the power on the Arduino to the breadboard.  It starts here.  Not all that exciting.  But it comes along.

The first “phase” of the completed project, is really very simple.

Lit LED on Arduino development system

Very simple completed LED version. `

This is how the first version of first project works.  It is really simple.  About the simplest version that you can produce.

This unfortunately is the last picture I managed to get a good picture of.  Once I completed this project (which includes two versions with two pushbuttons, one with them wired in series, and then one with them wired in parallel).  Once I finished putting it all together, I worked on starting to get some circuit diagrams together and the first one is this version.

Arduino Project 001 – LED

I will leave this post at this point right now.  I’m going to pull this diagram up in KiCAD and see about drawing the other versions of the diagram.

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