Daily Sketch 2

Just doing another daily sketch.  2 days in a row.  That’s pretty good for me…

4 faces, looking sad, angry, anxious variously.

I am trying to draw a sad face. A lot of these (almost all of these) just don’t cut it. The closest I got was the bottom one, which looks “sad and anxious”.

I think that starting with these expressions right now is a decent place to start. I can see that things aren’t really all that easy even keeping them as simple as I am doing them.

sad/anxious face with greyish background.

Inkscape trace (with original behind it) of the sad/anxious face. I didn’t do too badly with this.

This turned out not bad at all. With the background from the original picture still there, it gives a bit of texture.

Line drawing of sad anxious face. Transparent background.

Dropped the background for this. This is just the inkscape file. Background is transparent (I think it is still).

The transparent background for this might end up being a bit difficult to handle in some contexts. I’m not sure if there is a good way to handle it better.

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