sudo and su are very different…

I have been trying to get my computer updated since Friday (almost a week) and I usually use a command like:

sudo emerge -uDaNt @world

When I want to do an update of my “world”. To me this should be very close, if not practically identical to:

emerge -uDaNt @world

And I have found that in a lot of ways, they are very different. I had been having a number of packages which I have been unable to update with the previous command. And someone told me “don’t use sudo”. Which to me sounded like a “really bad idea” as I understood it, because sudo is supposed to allow a person to run a command as another user (usually root) without having to log in on that user’s account.

Apparently, and this is probably a good option, is using:

sudo -i emerge -uDaNt @world

is almost the same as using the “su” version, but not quite.  So, if when using “sudo” you run into problems, there is a good chance that doing “su” will fix this.

Honestly.  This is mostly just a quick note to myself.  By writing this down like this, I remember it far better.

The way I ended up breaking things, and then trying to find something to fix it wasn’t really pretty, but it seems like now I have got the things that I was having so much trouble with for weeks coming up.  This should be the last bit of this part of the update process, and I am working on package 6 of 18.  But it’s a huge package, so that is likely to take a few hours, so I will sign off with this.  I do think I will need to fix a few other things, which I will write more about shortly.  I have a “new” kernel that I need to get working correctly, and somehow in this process, I have managed to break grub badly enough that I’m having to manually start my boot.  But those are for Tomorrow, or Saturday.  Tomorrow is a Open Psychology Work/Drop in day, so may not be working on this stuff in the foreground during that time (10:00-15:00 Pacific Time (Pacific Daylight Time this Friday, and until after the first Sunday in November, thus GMT-7 (or UTC-7 if you prefer that designation))).

So, see you tomorrow for the stream (if it actually works).


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