Setting up QEMU/KVM virtual machine…

This is an odd one.  I am in the midst of setting this up, but I am working on a few different things right now.  First, I needed to get QEMU/KVM up and running, so I looked at this page about setting things up for the Gentoo host.  This looks like it is “mostly correct” at this point, as I have got things up and running.  But the “min size” that they suggest is too small.  I would go with the default qemu 20GB disc to start off, but if you use qcow2 it may be preferable to the suggested “raw” though I’m not sure.  It’s hard to be sure about that.

After having that setup, I ended up installing from Gentoo Handbook. Using the latest “minimal” install CD (it’s about 3 days old).  I looked at the Gentoo Guest Handbook.  And am in the process of setting up GRUB on the guest.  Looking at the two previous posts there are a few things that I missed on the first one (install media, and getting Stage 3).  I need to install kernel, and install grub, and see if this boots.  At that point, if I am successful, I will be quite happy to say that I can now use that as a default VM to build off of.

I wish that this was ready to post, and had got to a point that I could say more.  I’m going to save a draft for now, and see what happens shortly.

I have this virtual machine up and running, I have cloned it, and will be working on getting LedgerSMB working from the base system with a gentoo ebuild which will hopefully allow for installation with a relatively simple install command.

It seems that it worked.  But figuring out networking has kept being a bit of a problem.  I finally found it.

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