Servers (VPS) have been “shrunk”…

As of today I have started running all of our machines (virtual private servers) on “smaller instances” in part to save money, but further because I think that for what we have been doing, that running them on the size of server that they had been running on was a bit of overkill.

Previously we were running on 2GB RAM versions of the servers, and felt those were reasonable, but to “almost half”, our costs for the actual hosting, we have switched for now to 1GB RAM versions.  Each instance is now half of the price it was.  One site has been running to be more highly available for several weeks so the cost for that site only has dropped by ~30%.

In using this site as it is currently setup to run, at this smaller size, I have to say that I am not really feeling that I’m likely to have a lot of issues with that.  I will try to keep an eye on what might be happening with this.  And I think that if there ends up being a problem with it, I should be getting a notification.

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