Autism Jobs development

About 3 months ago I decided (after reading something I saw on YCombinator’s Hacker News) that I’d take a look at creating a site for Autism Jobs.

The first step in doing that was really deciding just what I wanted to do.  The Hacker News piece was helpful in giving me some guides as to just how simple it could be left.  So since I was pretty sure that for the absolute most basic part of it, I probably could do my coding and stuff in about 2 hours if I manage to screw things up badly enough.

So over the space of a little over 3 hours, I end up creating the first version of the site which is running on our site.  I posted about it several places, and ended up getting a number of interesting results right away (ie. people were very quickly coming to the site).

After that, I decided I needed to start working on a “better version” of it.  So at I worked on developing a better system.

What have we done so far?

  • Replace existing TypeForm form with something we wrote ourself (but isn’t currently functional).
  • Move static content to a more dynamic MVC format. (at index.php)
  • Moved site (when existing site died and existing host said it was my problem to fix) to linode.

There are a few steps I need to get going before I feel that it is “full launch time”.

  • Setup database
  • Move existing content entirely to MVC system
  • Have data for known listed jobs (4 I think instead of the listed 1) into database
  • Create login/register system
  • Look at account types (job seeker, and job poster)
  • Work on getting payment stuff up and running
  • And get mail setup so I can at least send mail out from site.

I’m not entirely sure that those jobs would be done in that order or not.  But I think they are more or less the way I want them in terms of order (though bits and pieces will have to move about some).

I just really wanted to post a quick update to the autism jobs site.  I think the latest post may have been on some other site.  This really is mostly a project which I am working on for the primary purpose of getting stuff together in a way I feel “better” about how it all works.

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