Gofundme campaign setup

Earlier this week (Yesterday, or was it Thursday) I setup a Gofundme campaign to get some funds (maybe) for upgrading our equipment to better produce videos.

Guess what?  It came with a video…

This video has the basic setup for the Gofundme campaign.  The information which shows up in the video has been greatly updated from the time that video was created.

I really do recommend when if you are going to setup anything like this, try to set it up without putting a lot of information into it, rather than setting up everything from the beginning.

I had tried to set this up right from the beginning just exactly how I wanted it, but due to a number of problems, I ended up just tossing it.

After having tossed it, I decided to look for some stuff that would help me figure out what might be better for me.  It really seems like with a lot of things, you either need to be technically inclined, in that specific field, with that specialized language, or you just accept stuff which really people don’t much need to know anything to figure out (ie. lay people who really only peripherally know stuff).

I am looking at possibly setting up a separate campaign to get some other things together.  Right now this is looking good.

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Author: Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku

Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku is the lead developer and owner of Datse Multimedia Productions.