Some updates about our activities…

This is a quick post about what has been going on here.

  • Site downtime
  • One site moved
  • Expiring SSL certificate
  • Need to move two other sites
  • Possibly moving another site

Site downtime

A bit of bad news first.  Two of the sites we host (the two which need to be moved still) went down for 4 hours yesterday.  It appears that the hosting company had issues with their data centre which caused a number of sites that they host to go down for up to 5 hours.  There was at least partial downtime for two of our sites (including this) for about 4 hours.  At one point in that 4 hours I checked the sites out, and was able to get some activity from them, but not the usual level that I have been used to.

One site has been moved

One of the sites which I was hosting the same place as these two which went down, got moved.  I will probably write a more complete post about doing that shortly.  It ended up being a bit of a pain for a number of reasons.  It may have actually been easier to have moved to an entirely different hosting provider.  But now that I have done that, and have ironed out many of the issues which caused so many problems with doing it, it should be easier with the next two.

SSL certificate here is expiring shortly

The secure certificate for here is expiring shortly.  My decisions as to how I will handle that will probably end up being a bit of playing around with different ideas.  I am thinking there are probably two ways which I may go.  With a certificate issued by my hosting provider, this is what I have been doing.  Or, I might end up going with a certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

The last time I installed a new certificate, I installed one from Let’s Encrypt.  With doing that, even though it was for a different type of service (Matrix Home Server) I feel I probably could do so again.  I’m not sure if that will be any different from using the hosting provider’s.  It appears that it might actually be easier in many respects.

Need to move two more sites

This site, and the Open Psychology Project site, still need to be moved.  I am hoping that moving this site will allow me to reduce my “credit consumption” by at least 25%.  Though it is possible that the other one will increase consumption a small amount.

Possibility of moving a client site

I have a client who has had a site hosted on and I would like to see if we can move the site soon enough to make it worthwhile.  Client initially said that they would like to move it, but then changed mind.  I’d like to know what they would like to do with the site, but it seems that I haven’t been able to get this conversation started, at least not in a very helpful way.

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