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Initial steps moving server to linode

Last night I started to work on getting this site moved over to linode, and have some comments to make regarding: pricing structure responsiveness of admin site responsiveness of updating server images server locations image availability process with regards to gentoo on linode So let’s go and look at those topics at least at some level. […]

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Gentoo QEMU/KVM install

I am currently working through the Gentoo QEMU guide and so far have rebuilt my kernel and rebooted…  Now… I am currently updating my @world with the command: emerge -uv –newusue @world And this latest update has 10 packages. Still not emerged quemu and am seeing a couple of use flags I’d like to enable before […]

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Developing ebuild for Gentoo

I am currently working on the development team for the accounting package LedgerSMB and I have got to a stage with that development that I am looking at getting a working ebuild (or possibly several, due to dependency issues) for LedgerSMB on gentoo. These are the steps that are probably going to have to be done […]

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Some updates about our activities…

This is a quick post about what has been going on here. Site downtime One site moved Expiring SSL certificate Need to move two other sites Possibly moving another site Site downtime A bit of bad news first.  Two of the sites we host (the two which need to be moved still) went down for 4 […]

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