Accounting Software

I have been in the process of testing an install of the accounting software which I currently am running.  The version I have been running (in part due to the fact that I am not really in need of it that much) has been in beta the whole time.

I have been running LedgerSMB.  This is an open source software which is mostly written in Perl.  I am running the current version on a gentoo box, and it is working well enough for my needs as far as I can tell right now.

My needs have been fairly modest really, mostly I want basic bookkeeping, which as far as I can see it does, the ability to invoice clients, which it does, and the ability to receive payments, whether or not this is working I’m not sure.

I will be looking to see if I can get things working on a new install of the system shortly.  I’m not quite sure how I will end up handling the new system.  I am not really interested in wiping out the existing system which I’ve been tweaking and building for some time, so I will either be looking at doing a dual boot, or finding some way to create a gentoo virtual machine.

Future Plans

We are looking at getting some things with this working better:

  • Install on “clean” system.
  • Create an ebuild which will do that.
  • Ensure existing system really is meeting needs.
  • Transition the ebuild for the 1.5 beta, to 1.5 release (once that happens).
  • Start working on ebuild for future 1.6 beta.

That really looks like a fair amount of work, but this in part depends on a lot of the work which ends up being done on the development team.  I understand that my end of things will allow the team to work better on seeing what is, and what is not working.

Build on clean system

This has a few different things which I will need to handle before managing to do this:

  • Decide on way which to install it:
    • Virtual Machine
    • Dual Boot
  • Create new system which is “clean” to install from
  • Research what needs to be done to create an ebuild.

Decide how to install

I am currently thinking that getting a new Gentoo system up and running in some virtual machine, would be the best option, as a dual boot, would mean I would end up losing access to the existing system, while I am working on the new one.

Virtual Machine

That reason is probably almost enough to be looking at getting it on a virtual machine.  One potential disadvantage is that often on virtual machines certain aspects actually end up being handled by the hypervisor rather than by the computer hardware itself.  Though I don’t think this will be an issue.

Dual Boot

I see a number of issues here.

For one, as already mentioned, it means booting into one or the other system at a time.  Which removes access to the existing system, while the new system is running.

Another issue which I am thinking about, is that this will really need to have a separate partition, disc, or something which to boot from.

Create new “clean” system to work from

Due to the fact that I am likely looking at potentially working on a number of different systems to work from, I will probably create a nice “base” system which I can then clone, and then build new test suites on it.

I am not really sure where this will go from there.  I will likely have to decide on what virtualization environment to work with.

Right now, I feel that this is about where I can start looking at this process for now.  So the future information about this will end up going in other posts.

How we are funding this

Currently the content is funded by a combination of means.  One clients who are paying for the work which we have been doing, have been part of how we have managed to keep things up and running and we love all the clients very much.  Unfortunately due to a lack of client base, and a lack of being able to draw new clients the content creation has been funded by our Patrons on Patreon.  If you become a patron through there (for as little as $1.00/thing, with so far never more than 4 things per month) you will be able to further support our activities.  To reach our next pledge goal (while I’m writing this) I believe we only need an additional $7/thing pledged.  It would be super awesome if you did that.

Oh, and a note on “patreon only content”.  Currently I am noticing that a good, and rather important thing is to actually produce content which people really can access.  That may change as there is more patreon support, or I am producing more content period.

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