Moving Servers

My hosting provider sent an email which let me know that they are shutting down this datacentre, and that I will have to move the servers to another datacentre.

Currently there are 3 servers which I am running out of the datacentre which they are talking about closing, this one, the “dmp-develop” server, and the “open psychology” server.

My current plan is to go through the process of moving the dmp-develop server first.  I don’t know if doing so is going to end up being the best, as it is the one which is most different from the other two.

But, it is also the one which is least critical if it happens to “go wrong”.

I do not know if doing so will end up being an easy thing, or not.  There are going to be a bunch of things which have to be in place for each server.

But it could be as simple as “moving the disk, and setting up the server on the new datacentre, and then setting up DNS to point to new server.”

Well, it hopefully can be done with some variation of that.


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