Update on the changes to sites.

A little while ago, I said I would be taking all my sites down.

Currently that is not the case.  I will be trying to keep the two sites I had on “sound servers” for them up.  They were not costing much individually, and combined the way they were they were pretty much entirely impossible to access.  So, due to the fact that I could actually not really rely on them to be useful at all, and they were really far too expensive to maintain, I have decided it was best at this point to just knock them down.

Further.  I have received an offer of support on the Patreon which could allow us to with as little as one new “thing” a week get us enough coming in to handle hosting for this and the Open Psychology Project.  Maybe just a little over one post a week.  It will take about 93 days to get enough to pay for 87 days worth of hosting at this rate (and that excludes transaction fees).  It looks like this may actually end up working out reasonably well.  With another pledge of this size it may be possible to start looking at bringing back some of the sites that were on the “massive, but not big enough” server.

I think that I will be creating a very small server which will run some very simple code, to send pretty static content about the status of all our projects.  It will largely be manually updated.  I will be looking at that over the next few days, maybe few weeks.

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