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The Onion Router (TOR)

I was asked about whether someone should be using The Onion Router (TOR) and I thought I would answer this as best I can here.  So let’s look at the 5Ws+H that I might ask about TOR. What? What is TOR?  Who? Who created TOR? Who is running TOR? Who needs to use TOR? Do […]

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Update on the changes to sites.

A little while ago, I said I would be taking all my sites down. Currently that is not the case.  I will be trying to keep the two sites I had on “sound servers” for them up.  They were not costing much individually, and combined the way they were they were pretty much entirely impossible […]

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Shutting down site…

I know this site just got created, but it is costing over $300.00/month for running sites we run, and we have zero revenue from them, and total business revenue is less than half what it costs to run these sites.  They need to be shut down or I need to find more income for the […]

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