Performance improvements

I was working on setting up the site for the Open Psychology Project and noticed that I was having some issues with it.  First I noticed that the site was actually not responding in a reasonable matter.  Everything was very painful to work with.  So I looked at what might have been the issue:

I looked at the memory usage and I saw that while I saw that I wasn’t “using all the memory” all my swap was in use.  This was after I had found that MySQL kept not working correctly.  It seems that the base memory that I started with wasn’t enough.

Then I decided to hack MySQL to see if I could get it up and working.  Sadly, I was able to, but without providing the needed support for WordPress.  So while I could see that maybe memory was being a big issue, I decided to greatly increase the memory on the server so that I could handle it.

This seems to have worked pretty well.  It appears that realistically any “dynamic” website needs about 2 GB of memory available to it to run at all effectively.

I have also determined that as the site becomes more active that probably needs to be doubled.  This site itself was sitting at 2 GB of memory, but was slow, checking the amount of memory being used indicated we were getting close to running out.  And had a lot of the available swap being used.

So I doubled to 4 GB on this server, and it seems to have kicked it up a fair amount.  The problem is.  Memory seems to be expensive.  At least when you are buying it on a remote server.

We are currently going with what we currently have.  Still have to move several sites off of here.

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