Upgraded WordPress (and a few plugins/themes).

We just logged in after possibly a few days away and noticed a “large” number of updates available.  There were 4 of them available, which is pretty unusual if we have not been away for a “long” time.

The thing is, one of those updates was to WordPress itself.  Which probably is part of the reason there are other updates in such relatively high numbers.  With WordPress 4.4 coming out (apparently today) other plugins, and themes likely were also released at the same time to either take advantage of new features, or simply to ensure that they are compatible with the current WordPress.

Right now, I can’t really say that there is a lot new that we can really talk about, as so far we haven’t really looked around.  The “backup” theme we use when we are going through the update to the existing themes (which unfortunately are not WordPress Theme Repository Ready yet) got updated.

WooCommerce, our eCommerce solution got updated.

And I think Jetpack got updated.  Still plenty of time to look at these new things.

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