Home computer updates

I decided that I was going to work on getting a new install on the home computer.  I don’t normally do this sort of thing unless there really no other way to get things done.

So, I decided to do a clean install on the computer because of a couple really annoying problems.  Maybe more than a couple.  One was that on Chrome, the LastPass setting to “trust this computer” was very much not sticking so I had to keep entering my Google Authenticator code every time I opened up Chrome.  There was an, even more, annoying issue where Diigo would end up wiping out content in a text field whenever anything got selected.

Both of these problems persisted after I re-installed OSX on the computer (El Capitan 10.11), so fixing them, which was the big deal, did not really work out as well as I had hoped.  I did get LastPass to work, and I decided to uninstall Diigo at least temporarily.

The thing is, even though the issues I most wanted to fix, probably could have been fixed more simply, it seems that I am overall happy that I did this.  The computer had been having performance issues.  It still has some.  But it seems, for the most part, those have improved dramatically.

I think a big part of that, is with a computer which is almost 7 years old (it was built in Februrary 2009), which really hasn’t had much cleanup done on it, it is not unexpected that the computer performs poorly.  Even with some of these well-designed systems, allowing less “manual rebuild”, such as file systems designed to minimize disc fragmentation.

We are still in the process of rebuilding the things which we want on the computer.  But we are getting closer to what we want.  And I am very happy to say that I got Adobe Creative Suite 4 to as far as I can see run on OSX El Capitan, by carefully doing things “in the right order”.

I was hoping to get a more “step by step” post written about this process.  I still am.  But as I am currently in the process of doing all this stuff. It seems a bit premature to write more than this about it.

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