Moving MindFreedom Nelson Site

Tonight there was a brief, very informal meeting of MindFreedom Nelson, and it was determined that this really should be the start of talking about things which we are doing.  While I can talk about them here, I feel that with the existing MFN site, that we really should be using that as much as possible.

So, because the current way it is running is unusable for the most part (if you want to do something, you have to wait and do things very slowly).  While the site is very good at providing ways of “learning patience” this is not what we really need for this website.

Also, the site really is likely the most affected by the current server issues (I have been wondering if disabling certain things which are not at all in current use might be helpful).

We talked about roles:

  • peer supporter
  • activist
  • friend

We talked about doing more with MFN:

  • Meeting in person
  • Conference call stuff
  • Other people involved with MFN

We also talked about my recent assessment:

  • Looking at where to go with that
  • Things which have already changed as a result of that
  • Possibility of others getting assessment(s) done

So, while I really would like to say more about all of that.  Right now I want to leave that as is.  And move on towards other stuff like getting the site moved tomorrow if possible.

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