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Yesterday I wanted to take a stab at updating the Open Psychology Project About Page.  I can’t really say just how much things have improved.  I think in a lot of ways it has improved quite a lot.  It was very simple, and not really any information about what we are doing.

Now it is better structured (but could use a great deal of work).  As I like to think of websites, they should always be “under development”.  Because I believe that a website always should be under development, I think that seeing an “under development” notice is somewhat off putting.

Part of the reason I find it off putting, is that it is usually more of a “we’ve decided to *stop* developing, but we don’t want people to believe it, so we’ll say we are ‘under development'”.  Why I say that is I will go and look at a site one time, and give it a bit of a pass because it is “under development”.  For some reason they are doing what I tend to do with my websites.

They develop them on a live server.  And well, I just happened to catch them before they got too far into it.  They’ll have stuff straightened out so they have enough of an outline in a month, maybe 2 at the most.

So I come back 3 months later.  I look around.  I see the same “under development” message.  Hmm…  OK, well they are just a little slower than I expected them to be.  There is probably some sign of it changing…

I look even further…  I keep looking.  Nothing seems to be changed.  If it is, it is subtle.  So I come back 6 months later…  Same thing.

Websites even when we had no “easy” way to edit them, were never intended to be simply ways to present static information.  Sure, some information might stay the same for a good long while.  But even when it was “hard” to edit a web page, it wasn’t anywhere *near* as hard as it was to get a new edition of a book published.  Or even an errata put in new printings of the book.

So yes.  I am committed to changing things as I notice (and have time).  I rarely feel that things are “finished” even for a single page.

I just wanted to let people know that might see stuff just from the blog, that the changes did indeed happen.  And I got diverted into talking about development philosophy.

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